Monday, 12 May 2014

Spring gardening.

Summer is around the corner and Vancouver is at its best.  Sure it rains, but it all pays off when you see how green this city is. Ive done a lot of traveling and nothing compares to Vancouver in the summer time,  Im so lucky to live in such a beautiful city!  Its the middle of May and we're already eating dinner outside on the balcony, bike ridding around the seawall, going for walks along the beach and my favorite, spring gardening!

I love planting new flowers and tending to my old perennials. Now that my son is old enough, he loves helping me out, well more like digging around in the dirt and making a mess!   However, he loves showing me how his strawberry plant is doing or how his sunflower is coming along.  I really love it when we can share in doing something together.  

Do you love gardening with your kids?  Whats their favorite plant to watch grow?

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