Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rose gold in white lovers paradise!
I'm completely in love with this rose gold pendent light!  

For ages now Ive been wanting to add new life into a dark and lonely corner of my living room.  I wanted something that would pop!
However, I should mention that I'm a lover of all white, all day, all night, all rooms! I once tried changing the color of my bed sheets and adding a pattern, but then I couldn't sleep. Ive thought about having an accent chair but then I panic that I wont like it next month.  Sticking to a white, neutral, clean palette just makes me happy.  

But of course I love accent pieces. I love pieces that add character, personality and tell a story. There's nothing like a piece that's been handed down to you from a family member or a piece that's been found rummaging around in a flea market. This is how I add warmth and color in my white paradise.  

These are some of my favorites...

I think this just might be the light that will make the perfect statement in my living room!  Are you totally in love with this rose gold beauty too?  What is your new to die for piece in your home?

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